DIY Vape

Lafayette, LA & Scott LA Premiere Vape Emporium

DIY e-Liquid

For the DIY Vape e-liquid person, we sell a full line of FlavorAh concentrated flavorings. We also have VG and PG by the gallon. If you are looking for complete control of your vaping experience, DIY e-liquid is for you. Come in and start creating your own e-liquid at home. Many of our DIY vape enthusiasts find this process exciting and fufilling. Not many vapers can say they make their own e-liqud. You can!  Stop by the vape shop to get more information on how to become a DIY vaper.  


Do It Yourself Mod

For the “Do It Yourself “ kind of vapor, Troposphere offers the only vape shop with a do it yourself mod work bench. We sell the wire and cotton; you build it yourself on our one of a kind “MOD IT YOURSELF” workbench. We supply the coil jigs, cutters, tweezers, drills and you built it yourself with professional advice in house. Do it yourself Mod building is the the way to go in he world of vaping!