CBD Is Here!

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Troposphere Vapors is proud to announce that we have been approved by the State of Louisiana for the sale of CBD products. We will be working with some of the leading authorities in the CBD industry and will be offering the highest quality products available. We are excited to assist you in all of your CBD needs!

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Note: State of Louisiana has a 3%tax on CBD


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At Cypress Hemp, it is our mission to revitalize the American hemp industry and to provide sustainable alternatives to many of society's unsustainable practices. We believe in a sustainable future. Humans and the environment living in harmony, that's sustainability.

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We entered the health and wellness industry to change lives by helping people incorporate healthy alternatives and creative methods into their day-to-day. Now, we expand on that approach to balance by crafting unparalleled CBD products that you can use daily to form noticeable changes into your own life.

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